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Top Grade ACDC Strain 2021

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Top Grade ACDC Strain 2021


Indica / Sativa Ratio
Hybrid (50% Sativa / 50% Indica)
Average THC / CBD Level
THC 0.38/2.43%
CBN 0.01/0.02%.

The ACDC Strain induces you with a clear headed high with strong analgesic effect without any psychoactive influence. This Strain will also Relieves you from stress and anxiety. Controls pain and nausea, helps with seizures and muscle spasms. The strain will also Promotes sleep and relaxation.

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The ACDC Cannabis strain is a 50 Indica and 50 Sativa hybrid plant. It is a high CBD strain bred by Resin Seeds, containing THC, CBD ratio of about 1:20. Such a unique THC-CBD ratio is extremely rare and beneficial to us. The plant has no psychoactive effects to us, but we can enjoy multiple medicinal advantages. This strain is good in relieving us from pain, control seizures and muscle spasms. ACDC marijuana can be labeled as THC free strain as it does not impair daily activities. ACDC marijuana is good for day or night medicinal use.

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