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Top Quality Sweet Afghani Delicious Indica 2021

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Top Quality Sweet Afghani Delicious Indica 2021


Indica / Sativa Ratio.
Pure Indica.
Average THC / CBD Level
*THC 17.30 / 26.04%
*CBD — / —%
*CBN — / —%.

Sweet Afghani Delicious marijuana strain induces you while uplifting your mood. good for cerebral euphoria followed by body-mind relaxation. The strain will Boosts your energy and increases focus. Relieves you from pain, stimulates appetite and helps with seizures and insomnia.

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Sweet Afghani Delicious marijuana is an Indica strain. The breeders of this strain still remain unknown up-till date. Being true to its’ name, the strain smells and tastes like candy. Sweet Afghani Delicious cannabis strain is very potent, with THC levels up to 24%. Beginners should be mindful of the dose to avoid lethargy. The medium-sized buds are covered in a good layer of trichomes. Sweet Afghani Delicious Indica marijuana is good for evening and night time use due to its relaxing properties.

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