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Top Quality Jager Strain Indica 2021

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Top Quality Jager Strain Indica 2021


The Jager Strain high Potency is a full-bodied one which creeps up on you with spacey relaxation and introspective tendencies after consumption of the Weed Strain. The Sedation won’t necessarily occur but expect to be out of it and happy about it. The Jager Marijuana Strain Indica is one of the Best Marijuana Weed Strain.
Example of such strains with same characteristics are: Super Silver, Durban poison, Super Silver Haze, Sour diesel, Girl scout cookies….

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Jager Strain Indica

Jager Strain Indica is a Recreational marijuana strain or is a Cannabis Strains
with a moderately high THC level with an average of about 23%. The Jager Strain smells like sweet licorice with a similar aroma that carries extra notes of wood, lemon and pine. Buds of this Jager Marijuana Strain are tapered and shaped like peppers with vibrant lilac undertones and orange hairs.

Jager Strain Indica can treat inflammation, spasms, pain, and even tremors. Ideal for evening usage. Example of such strains are Jager Marijuana Strain Indica is a 80% /20% Indica with a high THC level of 26%. It smells sweet. good for pain and many more depending on your situation.

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