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Top Quality Phantom OG Kush 2021

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Top Quality Phantom OG Kush 2021


Although this strain mostly affect my head, a patient with a lower tolerance may want to reserve the Phantom OG strain for later in the evening. It can cause a noticeable calming  effect – which of course, can be quite useful in combatting insomnia.

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Phantom OG Strain is a powerful hybrid OG Strain that is known for its strong, cerebral effects. This particular batch was grown by Buds and Roses Collective in Studio City, CA.

The Phantom OG Kush  Strain

It can often be difficult to determine the precise lineage of many OG strains, due to the prevalence of them in places like Southern California. It can be easy to group them all into one fine package, but it’s clear that we should treat them each as their own separate entity.

That being said, I’ve found that a good proportion of OG Kush hybrids have the tendency to make me tired. These heavy OG hybrids can be great for my anxiety, but I prefer to save them for later in the day if I’m trying to be productive.

Stemming from the Granddaddy Purple Strain Collective’s line of genetics, this Phantom OG Strain is the result of crossing Phantom Cookies and Ken’s Kush.

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