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TOp Quality Incredible Hulk Sativa Strain 2021

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TOp Quality Incredible Hulk Sativa Strain 2021


Indica / Sativa Ratio
Pure Sativa
Average THC / CBD Level
*THC 16.54 / 24.00%
*CBD 0.56 / 0.45%
*CBN 0.14 / 0.17%

Incredible Hulk Sativa Strain is a medical marijuana strain that induces you with a long lasting cerebral euphoria. This strain will boost your energy level at the same time boosting your creativity. increases social interactions and keep you more focus while uplifting your spirits. Good for Alleviating stress and depression, even pain. Followed by laziness, couch-lock and boost in your appetite.


Incredible Hulk Sativa Strain marijuana is a sativa strain that was created through the cross breed of Jack Herer and Green Crack. The potency content of the Incredible Hulk (Sativa Strain) marijuana can reach 20 percent in THC. That tells that this strain have a great content to keep you high. The plant(s) produces large forest green–buds that smell like blueberry and have distinct earthy during smoking.

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