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Blue Dream


Blue Dream


Sativa Dominant Hybrid
(60% Sativa / 40% Indica)
Average THC / CBD Level
*THC 19.18 / 25.12%.
*CBD 1.55 / 2.74%.
*CBN 6.33 / 9.14%.

Blue Dream (Hybrid) makes you happy, the strain is uplifting, and also cerebral E and also a long pain relief with less sedation. This strain will Alleviate you from depression, the strain also relieve you from stress.

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Blue Dream marijuana Strain(Hybrid) is a Sativa dominant hybrid. The breeders of this strain are still yet unknown. The buds provide the body with relaxation effects of Indica and uplifting cerebral EU. Because of the high THC % of up to 21%, Blue Dream marijuana Strain(Hybrid) delivers long lasting relief with no sedation. this marijuana strain is Recommended for experienced and first time users, as the strain has a prolonged pain relief. Blue Dream cannabis is good for day and evening time uses.

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