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Top Quality Blue Cookies Strain 2021

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Top Quality Blue Cookies Strain 2021


Indica / Sativa Ratio
Indica Dominant Hybrid (10% Sativa / 90% Indica)
Average THC / CBD Level
19.10/25.99% THC
0.38/1.07% CBD
—/0.02% CBN

 The Blue Cookies Strain will induces a strong head euphoria, boosts your mood and increases your appetite. This strain will also relieve you from depression and stress. This will follow with a deep body relaxation. This strain rarely leads to dizziness and paranoia at times.


Blue Cookies Marijuana Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid. Indoors, the strain flowers for 56-63 days with a late September outdoor harvest. The Blue Cookies Strain plants grow 3-5 feet in height. Yields range from 12 to 16 ounces per m2 indoors to 16 ounces and more per plant outdoors. The herb has a thick coat of resin on its green and purple nugs. When cracked, Blue Cookies give a strong earth-berry odor and hints of fruit. Blue Cookies Cannabis Strain is good for night time use.

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