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Top Quality Afwreck Strain 2021

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Top Quality Afwreck Strain 2021


The Afwreck Strain induces you with happiness while uplifting cerebral high followed with a relaxing body buzz. This marijuana strain will also boosts your energy and creativity simultaneously. The  Afwreck Strain will uplifts your mood and at times prompts you with laughter and socialization. The Afwreck Cannabis Strain will also Relieve you from stress and depression.  This strain Shows mild analgesic properties.
The Afwreck Marijuana Strain is a cross between Afghani landrace and Trainwreck.


Afwreck Strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid that came from California. This strain should not be taken lightly due to the high 18% THC count. Indoors the plants take 9-10 weeks to flower, outdoors the Afwreck is ready for harvest in mid-October. The buds have strong scent of earth and mint with a hint of lavender. Afwreck marijuana gives a well-balanced effect and delivers prime cerebral high. Afwreck is best for day and evening time use as triggers increase of energy and creativity.

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